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Diwali Invite Template

Diwali Invite Template

Send a gorgeous Diwali invitation to your family and friends using this Diwali invite template from Venngage.

Are you hosting a Diwali dinner party for your closest family and friends? Need an invite for a private Diwali event in your home? For many Indians worldwide, Diwali is one of the year's biggest and most important celebrations. Dubbed the “Festival of Lights”, the Diwali celebration is all about signaling the victory of light over darkness. Modern Indians celebrate Diwali by hosting street parties filled with music, dance, and lights. But for more traditional families, a private dinner party or home event is how they usually celebrate the Diwali festival. If you are planning to host a private Diwali dinner event in your home, you need to craft an invitation that you can send over to your closest family and friends. A traditional invitation card will help people keep in touch with your event and remember it despite their busy schedules. However, if you are not used to creating invitation cards, using this Diwali invite template from Venngage is a great way to get started on the right track. Even if you don’t have enough design or layout experience, you

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