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Step by Step Infographic

Design a step by step infographic by easily customizing this step by step infographic template from Venngage. Signup and create one today.

A step by step infographic is a graphic that shows how to do something in a series of steps. They help make complex topics easier to understand, and they can be used in a variety of contexts. Step by step infographics help users learn new things, or just gain a better understanding of something they already know. They're especially useful if you want to show someone how to do something with multiple steps—for example, how to make a delicious brownie or fix your car. There are many benefits to using step by step infographics. They can help you explain concepts that are hard to understand, like the process of creating an infographic itself! Step by step infographics also allows you to show more detail than a text-only explanation would allow. When done well, they're easy for users to follow along with on their own time and at their own pace. Anyone can use this type of infographic—it's not just limited to people who have a good grasp on the topic already! Quicker and easier than ever, create a professional infographic with Venngage’s step by step infographic template. It’s easy to customize in minutes. Our easy to use step by step infographic template allows you to add icons, text and images to create professional and engaging infographics, without needing any design skills. Start by adding your content to the template. The template's default font or any custom fonts that you choose may be used for the infographic's content. Use a complementary range of fonts to fit the style of your design- Opt for a font that works for one or two words and then change it for the rest of the sentence. This will tie the sentence together in a visually stunning way. Then add a professional and captivating touch to any design. These additional visual elements can capture themes, emotions and ideas. They are also incredibly effective ways of telling a story in visual form. Start by adding an icon to break up text within your infographic. Then select the appropriate icon style — including gradient icons, detailed illustrations, bold icons, flat icons and line icons. If some sections require additional icons and descriptions, simply duplicate them in the same place along with their default text. By doing so, you can limit the number of font styles applied. You may also want to avoid working on fonts that may make the infographic feel less complete or messy. When you choose the color option for an object, you can select the color picker tool. A color palette is a set of colors that make up an overall design. By using the same colors, designs can connect visually, like how you can create links by repeating a word over and over again. This step by step infographic template is ready to go. Print bleeds have been applied. To expand this infographic design for processes, add pages or manually change the dimensions in the settings tab. Each format comes with a set of formats to maximize the effectiveness of your step by step infographic across various digital environments. Download as a PNG, HD PNG, PDF and Interactive PDF. Create beautiful graphics, infographics and marketing templates with Venngage — the free infographic maker.