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Elearning Content Development

Elearning Content Development

Looking to create your own digital learning resources? Customize this infographic to learn more about elearning content development processes.

Creating an eLearning course is not an easy process. Just like traditional learning materials require lots of writing and editing before getting approved, eLearning content also requires a lot of collaboration between different stakeholders to start rolling. If you are interested in creating a digital course, this eLearning content development strategy infographic can help you get started in the right direction. In simple terms, eLearning is the delivery of educational content and learning materials through digital resources such as computers, tablets, eBook readers, and even mobile devices. While eLearning is also based on formal education, the delivery system used to distribute content uses digital and electronic devices. During the recent COVID pandemic outbreak, eLearning played a significant role in continuing the education of students. Because of the restrictions caused by several lockdown measures, educational institutions decided to tap into eLearning content to help students keep up with their education. Thus, eLearning content development became a crucial part of academic growth among students and learners. This infographic about the eLearning development process is a great way to help people understand more about digital

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