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Pumpkin Template Printable

Pumpkin Template Printable

We've made this pumpkin template printable, making it easy for you to carve scary faces or exciting patterns on your Jack O'Lantern.

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A jack-o'-lantern is a type of lantern made initially from a root vegetable. This tradition is thought to have originated in Ireland, where people would carve scary faces into turnips to scare away evil spirits. These days, pumpkins are more commonly used to make jack-o'-lanterns, but the tradition remains the same. Halloween preparations in the past involved carving scary faces into turnips so that they resembled demons and devils. People placed burning candles into the hollowed-out turnips, which would create a spooky glow. The carved faces were reminders of death and were also used to scare people! Trick-or-treating has its origins in the UK. Boys and girls would dress up in disguises and costumes, knock on neighbors' doors, make ghostly noises, and then run away. People in the 1800s left England and Ireland to go and live in America. They brought their Halloween traditions with them, but instead of carving turnips, they made lanterns out of pumpkins. The English and Irish traditions of Halloween costumes and mischief eventually turned into American trick-or-treating. Halloween pumpkins and trick-or-treating started to become widespread in England about