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Project Workflow Chart

Project Workflow Chart

Get inspired by our Project Workflow Chart by customizing Project Workflow Chart from Venngage.

A project workflow chart, as the name suggests, is a visual representation of your project's workflow. It gives you an overview of all the steps involved in your project and how they work together to reach the end goal. It is used for various purposes such as; Planning, Execution and Control. While planning, it helps us understand which section is to be done when and who does it. It acts as a guideline while executing the project. Lastly, after completion, it can be used to analyze what worked or not in your project. Create a Project Workflow Chart using Venngage’s Project Workflow Chart template. You don't need to be a designer, have design experience, or download any design tools to customize this Project Workflow Chart template. Venngage has made it very simple for anyone to create their own project workflow chart. Select the Project Workflow Chart template you wish to use. This would present you with a range of options from which you can choose the template that best suits your needs. Make changes to the template. In Venngage editor, you can customize everything from colors to fonts. Click on 'Settings' and select a color palette and typography choices. You can also add icons and shapes by clicking ‘Icons’ and ‘Shapes’ respectively. After customization, click generate. You will be prompted with a download link for the Project Workflow Chart template. Venngage has a collection of thousands of royalty free icons that you can choose from to help make your project workflow chart more informative. You can use Venngage to create Infographics and Charts at no extra cost! Create visual stories using text, links, images, videos and social media posts. Choose an already existing template or create your own. You can even start with one of Venngage's templates and customize it to fit your specific needs. Venngage has an easy to use drag and drop editor, which requires no design experience! You may change the Project Workflow Chart heading to something new, such as ""Project Planning,"" or any and modify the font and icon. Feel free to use your imagination and come up with new combinations. If you need to extend the dimensions of your Project Workflow Chart, go to the settings tab and select "Scale Content." Scale Content will allow you to change page dimensions. Then choose between either portrait or landscape layout. If needed, choose the page size that fits your project workflow chart dimensions. You are then free to scale up or down until you reach your desired project workflow chart size. Venngage’s Project Workflow Chart template can be downloaded by simply clicking on download. After clicking ‘download’ you will be presented with three links; PNG image, PDF format and Web page. The PNG image is great for sharing on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. The Project Workflow Chart template in PDF format can be downloaded and edited at a later stage. This may come in useful if you want to print it out or edit with additional software such as Adobe Illustrator. Lastly, the Project Workflow Chart template in HTML web page is interactive. Embed it into your email signature, share on social media or download and edit the project workflow chart at a later stage.