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Hiring Flowchart

Hiring Flowchart

Make your own Hiring Flowchart using Hiring Flowchart template from Venngage.

Hiring Flowchart is intended for organizing hiring, promotion and advancement processes. It provides the structure to easily create reports to show productivity ratios and allows keeping an eye on quotas—all in one convenient location, so you can focus on growing your business. Its application automatically updates process stages based on user input. If a manager changes a candidate's status, the flowchart automatically updates the process stage and sends notifications to all relevant users. It provides everything you need to create reports on hiring progress: number of new hires by month/quarter/year, time spent in each process stage, and more. The Hiring Flowchart application provides email integration to send messages directly from the workflow, and integrates with social media so you can post messages on LinkedIn or Twitter. You can also share candidates' status updates via Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and more. It is also designed for managers as well as HR specialists. It makes it easy to switch between different users and manage multiple processes—all from one dashboard. If you want to get a Hiring Flowchart template, but don't have the design skills, simply use this template. This template is fully customizable and can be used with no experience in designing. Simply drop any type of associated data into the chart's cells and it will automatically update itself. You can easily create a this flowchart using Venngage's template. This flowchart template is a Venngage Hiring Flowchart. In the editor, you can completely customize everything you see from font styles, color palettes and content itself. To change this text from ""Hiring Flowchart"" to something else, highlight the headline by double clicking on it. From there you can select a new font by clicking the font family options. The bar on the top will allow you to select a different color palette and adjust all text sizes. To add new icons, explore Venngage’s icon library to add new and unique icons to really capture your content. You’ll find a variety of icon styles, like gradient illustrations, detailed illustrations, bold icons, flat icons and line icons.. Hit the plus sign at the bottom left corner of your screen, this will open up a library where you can find additional icons or upload your own PNG images by dragging them into this window. You can then drag and drop these boxes onto the template and resize them accordingly. Then, customize your heading with a new title, font and icon. Feel free to get creative and think of new combinations. You can also expand this infographic design to suit your needs with the click of a button or manually in the settings tab. The template is ready to be printed. Apply print bleeds and you’re all set! You can also change dimensions by customizing page dimensions under the edit menu. Since this is ready to be downloaded, export it when you are done. You have a number of export options - PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, and HTML (for email) are some of the most common formats. We hope you find the Hiring Flowchart template useful. If you need an infographic design or any other design services, please feel free to contact us at support@venngage.com.