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ADDIE Model Worksheet Checklist Template

ADDIE Model Worksheet Checklist

Modify this ADDIE Model Worksheet Checklist Template for a colorful worksheet checklist and more

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Produce a bright worksheet checklist and more with this customizable ADDIE Model Worksheet Checklist Template. Make the checklist your own by integrating a bright color scheme, icons, and shapes. Bright colors will hold people's attention and will make the checklist more exciting. Select one of the automated color schemes on Venngage, or design a bright color scheme from scratch for the worksheet checklist. Next, incorporate icons to break up the content and to express the text of your checklist. You'll find a vast collection of icons on Venngage and you can choose their color and resize them to fit your preferences. Consider utilizing shapes to frame the icons and text, or add them as neat pops of color throughout the ADDIE Model Worksheet Checklist Template. From circles to triangles, Venngage has an array of shapes available, so add the ones you want into the checklist. Have questions about the worksheet checklist? Reach out to Venngage and we'll be glad to help you out!