Cold Brew Coffee Recipes And Benefits - Venngage Infographic
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Cold Brew Coffee Recipes & Benefits Infographic

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Infographic Description

Are you looking for food infographic ideas? This cold brew coffee chart from Venngage is the perfect example of a fun and creative infographic. When you’re presenting facts about food, a chart is one way to effectively display that info. The chart flows downward which will maintain your reader’s focus.


The designer added a combination of realistic photos, images, and icons to show how cold brew coffee is made. The variation of photos and images complement each other and looks great in the earthy color palette.


Not only do the natural colors give it a minimal design, but it fits the topic of cold brew coffee benefits. Another way to grab the reader’s attention is by featuring a playful and elegant font. The heading font is creative while the body font is more modern and readable.


This coffee infographic also uses signs and shapes like arrows and plus signs to keep the focus moving forward. Use these techniques and your food infographic will be a success!

Infographic Features

  • Flow Chart
  • Earthy Color Palette
  • Playful Font
  • Realistic Photos
  • Illustrated Icons
  • Arrows
  • Food Infographic Examples
  • Cold Brew Coffee Chart
  • Coffee Infographic Examples

Yellow Zebra

Color Palette



900 × 2940px


Yellow Zebra 

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