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26 Creative Ways To Propose Infographic

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Creative Infographics, List Infographics, Wedding Infographic

Infographic Description

If you’re the expert on romance and proposals, then this is the perfect marriage infographic for you! The template features creative ways to propose and was created by a very talented designer. You can use the same techniques seen here in your own infographic ideas.


Start by adding realistic photos! People are naturally drawn to pictures, so it doesn’t hurt to add them to your infographic. Each photo displayed in this creative infographic feature a romantic idea or location mentioned in the text.


Take the opportunity to add an elegant font when designing a marriage infographic. The designer added a fancy font for the headings and a readable modern font for the body text. Even the colors are warm and elegant from the photos to the gradient style shown in the boxes. Keep your font and color scheme consistent with slight variations for a unique touch.


Another feature you can include is icons and boxes. The designer added icons to offset the photos and displays each section or idea in a new text box. You can also see that some of the boxes with gradient colors have a wavy pattern at the top. This technique gives your list infographic a creative element.

Infographic Features

  • Realistic Photos
  • Elegant Font
  • Patterns
  • Gradient Colors
  • Warm Color Palette
  • Marriage Infographic Examples
  • Creative Infographic Examples
Color Palette



720 × 7780px



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