25 Interior Design Tips And Quotes To Ignite Your DIY Spirit - Venngage Infographic Examples
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25 Interior Design Tips And Quotes To Ignite Your Diy Spirit

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Infographic Description

DIY projects are always trending which is why there’s no better time to create a design infographic! Take this Venngage design quotes template as an example. It has everything you need to get started making creative infographics.


This template utilizes several design features such as images, dramatic colors, columns, and a variety of boxes. If you’re designing an interior design infographic, you can’t go wrong with images!


In this list infographic, the designer added graphic images for each quote or tip. Not only do the images fit the topic but they’re also colorful and will catch people’s attention.


Speaking of colors, the dramatic color palette is perfect for discussing interior design quotes. A minimal or subtle color scheme wouldn’t work and would wash out the images and DIY quotes.


Another way to make your infographic stand out is by breaking the layout into columns and adding boxes in various shapes. The angles of the boxes give this template a unique design that’s eye-catching.


You can also add a sophisticated font with the headings and author names in bold. Varying the style of the text helps emphasize important details or in this case the names of who said the design quotes. Add these artistic techniques to your design infographic for a personalized touch!

Infographic Features

  • Column Layout
  • Bold Heading
  • Author Names
  • Sophisticated Font
  • Dramatic Color Palette
  • Interior Design Infographics
  • Design Infographic Examples
  • Creative Infographic Examples
Color Palette



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Blinds Chalet

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