15 Exotic Fruits You Need To Try Right Now - Venngage Infographic Examples
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15 Exotic Fruits You Need To Try Right Now Infographic

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Infographic Description

Get everyone interested in exotic fruits when you customize a list infographic! This food infographic from Venngage features a flat design that focuses on images to attract readers. The designer added large images of each fruit so it’s easy for people to identify them. When advising your audience about where to find healthy fruits and how to use them, try testing out this infographic example.


One way to separate the fruit list is to place them into three columns as seen in this template. This makes the food infographic easy to read. You want to include a color scheme that fits the topic. In this case, the designer used an earthy color palette that matches the exotic fruits.


Another key feature is the use of large headings and bold titles. The designer chose this method to draw attention to the food infographic but also to emphasize the names of the healthy fruits. Additionally, the locations of each fruit are italicized to further vary the style.

Infographic Features

  • Three Columns
  • Flat Design
  • Realistic Images
  • Earthy Color Palette
  • Large Headings
  • Bold Titles, Italics
  • Professional Font,
  • Food Infographic Examples
  • Education Infographic Examples
  • Health Infographic Examples
Color Palette



1400 × 3100px


Food Republic

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