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Service Report Template

Service Report Template

This service report template will assist you in tracking your quality of service so you can maintain your brand reputation.

By Venngage Inc.
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Service reports are essential tools a business can use to improve customer service. By analyzing customer service metrics, companies can identify areas where they need to make changes to meet customer expectations and provide a better experience. Real-time data allows companies to improve service levels, generate value, and boost profits. With this valuable insight into critical areas of your consumer-facing efforts, you will be able to ascertain the strengths to build upon and the areas for improvement. A service report should not just identify problems but also celebrate successes. By highlighting the positive aspects of your customer service as well as the negative, you can create an actionable plan that will improve your company’s overall performance. When creating a service report, it is important to include relevant data. This consideration will show how your customer service team performs and track your progress. Some of the most critical data points to include in a service report are the First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score, Average Handle Time (AHT), and Customer Effort Score (CES). The FCR rate measures how often your business resolves a