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Research Report Template

Research Report Template

Customize this research report template to help you record your pertinent research findings and organize and present your data.

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A research paper is a type of academic writing demonstrating a researcher's ability to conduct in-depth research on a particular topic, critically analyze sources, and present an original argument. The research paper is often the culmination of a longer research process that includes evaluating sources, brainstorming and planning ideas, and drafting and revising the essay. Primary research involves fact-finding by the researcher rather than relying on secondary sources. It is conducted through surveys, interviews, focus group discussions, and observations. Secondary research looks at previously published data. The researcher must always check for the accuracy and credibility of secondary data. To come up with sound findings, researchers must be critical of both primary and secondary sources and assess their strengths and limitations. Once high-quality sources have been gathered, researchers must consider how to structure their argument. The introduction should introduce the topic at hand and provide a brief overview of the main points addressed in the body of the paper. The body of the paper should develop each of those points in detail, using evidence from the sources to support the argument. The conclusion summarizes