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Guy Kawasaki Pitch Deck Template

Guy Kawasaki Pitch Deck

Design a simple and compelling pitch deck following our Guy Kawasaki Pitch Deck template!

The Guy Kawasaki pitch deck is a super famous pitch deck model, pioneered by Guy Kawasaki himself, to provide investors with all the information they need in a way that is concise, insightful and relevant. This way your investors are left with exactly the information they need to make a decision, they respect that you have valued their time, and important information is never lost in a bunch of fluff meant to win them over another way. The best way to do this is by revealing all the necessary information about the company upfront, prior to asking for money. This way, the investor knows exactly what they are investing in. Again, the Guy Kawasaki pitch deck is a presentation format introduced by Guy Kawasaki decades ago and that we've remodeled here for your use. It is used to present your business or startup to potential investors, customers, partners, etc. Guy Kawasaki himself successfully raised funds for his startups using this strategy. So it definitely works! The way it works is quite simple - you need to prepare an attractive presentation prepared with no less than a dozen slides. There should be no text on the presentation, only images and charts. The idea is to convince your audience in 5 minutes that they need your product or service. To use this Guy Kawasaki Pitch Deck just click create to get started. This Guy kawasaki pitch deck template gives a step by step process of how to carry out an investment pitch. Along the way, you can customize each slide as per his instructions to make sure the best information is highlighted in your pitch deck. First, access initial slide ( this is where you provide all necessary details about yourself, like your name, title, company name etc. ) hen access presentation slide ( then you should choose the format of your pitch deck template, like normal or fillable pdf), customize it to fit your business needs. for example if you are selling a product, include its details about benefits and features, etc. In the next step is to create slides that will explain in detail how your business will be profitable and how it works. then you can include another set of slides that contains your revenue projections, team members and the board of advisors. give information about investors also follow it up with action plan slide ( this will include details like how many people are required to work on the project, time frame etc.) In the conclusion, provide a summary slide to end the presentation. You can thank your audience and invite them to ask any questions, too. The Guy Kawasaki Pitch Deck is the perfect template for entrepreneur to gain funding. Guy Kawasaki is a former chief evangelist of Apple, and now an author and founder of venture firm Garage Technology Ventures. He was also on the original team that created the Macintosh computer at Apple Inc. Present a pitch that will further your business and customize the Guy Kawasaki Pitch Deck template today. Template dimensions can be change as needed, but these types of presentation templates are ready to be exported to PowerPoint as is. This added convenience makes it easy to present your information with a common platform, without being stuck with limited design features. Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, PowerPoint