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Problem Agitate Solution Pitch Deck Template

Problem Agitate Solution Pitch Deck Template

Present a strong, compelling pitch by customizing this sleek Problem Agitate Solution Pitch Deck template from Venngage.

This Problem Agitate Solution Pitch Deck Template provides an excellent framework for making strong sales or investment pitches to your stakeholders. A powerful pitch deck needs to be brief, clear and memorable. As a presenter, you want to be as efficient as possible. Drawing from the Problem, Agitate, Solution framework of this template, you’re guaranteed to do exactly that. You can customize this template for your own presentation in a matter of minutes. Not a designer? Not a problem! Venngage is a user-friendly design tool that anyone can use. It doesn’t require any training or design experience. Just an internet connection. The editor and our templates library allows you to quickly create impressive visuals in minutes. To get started, click the create button and you’ll be taken to the editor. From here, you can customize any element of this Problem Agitate Solution Pitch Deck Template. The background, the colors, the stock photos and icons can all be replaced to ones that suit your presentation. When customizing any template, it’s best to start with your content. Start adding your headings and subheadings to each slide, duplicating slides as you go to ensure design consistency. Remember to choose bold clear fonts for your headings and subheadings. Your title slide can be eye-catching, but the content in your slides should be very clear and easy to read. Venngage has hundreds of unique fonts you can choose from, so you’ll definitely find right ones for your presentation. Visuals are also a big part of any pitch deck. Visuals allow you to stand out, helps you to communicate, keeps your audiences engaged and more. Venngage’s integration with Pixabay and Unsplash give you access to two massive stock photo libraries. You can incorporate motivating, captivating photos that are professionally-shot and free to use. You also have access to a massive 25K-icon library, with great icons, illustrations and diverse people icons to suit your needs, whatever they are. You can change the color palette to the Problem Agitate Solution Pitch Deck Template as well. Rather than selecting individual elements and doing it manually, just use the color swatches available in the editor. You can also upload your own branding using My Brand Kit, which lets you apply your branding with a click to any design you’re working on. With a few changes, you’ve got your own, personalized pitch deck that looks like a graphic designer made it. But don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you just used Venngage! With a bold, engaging pitch deck design, you’ll be ready to present with confidence. Whether you are trying to close a sale, secure funding, or win over a business partner, this Problem Agitate Solution Pitch Deck Template provides a great framework for pitching, and strong design that you can borrow. Template dimensions: 1024 x 576 The template dimensions are ideal for presenting, whether you choose to present through Venngage or export to PowerPoint. Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, PowerPoint The best part about Venngage pitch deck templates is that they can be exported in a number of different formats. You can present directly through Venngage’s presenter view. You can also export your pitch deck as a PowerPoint file, to be edited and viewed using PowerPoint. You can also just download it as a PDF, to share as reference material later on.