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Parenting Plan Template

Parenting Plan Template

Help co-parents get on the same page with a parenting plan. Set mutual expectations by customizing this parenting plan template.

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A parenting plan is a written contract that delineates how parents will raise their children. It covers aspects like custody arrangements, visitation schedules, and decision-making rights. Parenting plans are drafted during divorce or separation proceedings, but unmarried couples can also find them useful. They can be created with or without the help of a lawyer or mediator. A parenting plan defines each parent's role and responsibilities in raising their children. It also establishes clear expectations and guidelines for how decisions about the children. It can help avoid conflict between the parents and help ensure that the children's best interests are in mind. The specific details of a parenting plan will vary depending on the needs of the children and the parents. However, some common elements appear in every parenting plan. First are custody arrangements. Include decisions on who will have primary custody of the children and visitation schedules. Next is decision-making rights. Flesh out which parent has the final say in decisions regarding the children's medical care, education, religion, and extracurricular activities. Finally, the parenting plan should address how to resolve disputes. Incorporate information about mediation