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2022 Winter Olympics Sports Mind Map

2022 Winter Olympics Sports Mind Map

Customize and share this Winter Olympics sports breakdown today.

The number of sports and the different disciplines taking place each Winter Olympics has evolved since 1924. Where once there were only 5 sports, there are now 7 sports and 15 different disciplines. That amounts to 109 total sporting events! So do you know what has been planned for this year, and how many medals each sport draws? We’ve provided the breakdown for you. Feel free to check it out, and if you want to share the template as your own design, add your branding or make a few changes, feel free to! This mind map is also a smart diagram - that means it makes it easy for you to create diagramming using automation. With a click you can create and organize new shapes, new connections and new styles. These templates are easy for non-designers to work with. You won’t need any design experience at all. To get started, just click create. If you haven’t already, you’ll be prompted to create a free account. Then you’ll be in the online editor, ready to make your changes to this 2022 Winter Olympics sports mind map. You’ll notice right away that for a diagram this is a colorful and engaging design. There are tons of color and eye-catching illustrations used throughout that help to draw your gaze, but also understand the information. Venngage lets you access a giant library of icons and illustrations, well over 20K, to customize diagrams and mind maps like these. When you start using the smart diagram widget, you’ll notice that you can easily make changes. You can add new shapes, move them around, space them out, and color them in. You can copy and paste the style of one shape and apply to others. As you add text to the different shapes, the entire diagram will resize to accommodate it. This means you don’t have to constantly move things around yourself. This template is ready for you to share with your audience, but you can customize it to reflect your brand. The color palette reflecting the Winter Olympics logo can be changed to reflect yours. These are just some of the ways Venngage’s smart can be put to use. Hundreds and hundreds of unique, creative diagrams that look great and are easy to customize. Don’t put yourself creating a dull and boring diagram when you can create one that really brings information to life. This Winter Olympic sports mind map can have its dimensions customized as well. If you’re presenting this on a larger display, or bringing it down in size to share elsewhere, you can edit the dimensions under editor under settings. Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, HTML (great for email newsletters with hyperlinks), and more.