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Rising Gas Prices

Rising Gas Prices

Rising gas prices in the USA are a major concern to motorists, and this trend has been captured visually in this professional infographic design.

Rising gas prices in early 2021 in the US have alarmed many motorists who drive on a regular basis. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the national average price for regular retail gasoline surpassed and remained above the $3 mark since mid-May. The last time the national average was that high was all the way back in October 2014, when a nearly four-year long run of prices above $3 per gallon gas came to its end. This Rising Gas Prices infographic doesn’t only look at the trend in rising gas prices, it investigates why. Through the use of visual storytelling and data visualization, this infographic is a great FAQ resource on a complex topic. It’s also a completely customizable infographic template perfect for non-designers to create their own viral, data-driven infographics. Here’s how you can take meaningful data and visualize it effectively. This Rising Gas Prices infographic is a great template to get you started. With a unified color palette, simple icons and clever chart designs, you can quickly create your own data-driven infographic. Click create and you’ll be taken to the online Venngage editor. Here you can make all the changes you want for a completely unique infographic design. It’s ideal to get started with updating the text. This will help you figure out how much space you need and the types of visuals you want accompanying your design. Ideally, you’ve already created an outline for your infographic so it’s just a matter of copying over the text. Then apply the icons you think are relevant to your topic and capture the focus of each section. A well-placed icon can tell your reader what an entire block of text is going to be about. It helps them process and retain information for longer periods of time. Venngage has over 25K icons in its icons library and so many different kinds that you can choose from. Just search for the ones you need in the icon search bar. To change the color palette you can use My Brand Kit and apply preset color palettes, automating new combinations. You can also actually upload your own organization’s brand - its colors, fonts and logo - to apply those to your infographic design instead. Venngage Pro Tip: Apply your color palette last, once the rest of your design is complete. It’s much easier if you’ve added new sections, icons or blocks of font. Template dimensions: 816 x 4200 px The size of this infographic template is perfect for an in-depth infographic design. You can always make it shorter or longer if needed. Avoid changing the width, as it is currently optimal for mobile viewing. Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, HTML (for email). This Rising Gas Prices infographic can be shared across channels by being exported in a variety of formats. You can download your completed infographic design as a simple PNG or HD PNG, PDF or Interactive PDF, and even as HTML to send a responsive email.