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Target Market Infographic

Target Market Infographic

Check out this Target market infographic created by Venngage. Download this high quality template to design an infographic exactly how you want it.

A Target Market Infographic is a visual representation of the demographics, psychographics, and consumer behavior of a particular target market. The infographic may include information about the size of the target market, where it lives, its overall income level, how much money it spends on products and services, what kind of media they use to consume those products or services—all this information helps marketers understand their customers better so that they can optimize their marketing efforts accordingly. If you have a Venngage account, you can make extensive changes to this Target Market Infographic. For this, you'll need access to either an email address or a social media presence or you can access the template editor in Venngage if you already have an account there. A button labeled CREATE appears in the upper right corner of the infographic, indicating that it is ready for editing. You can make changes to your template on the dashboard that opens up. The infographic can be modified in the editor. The wording, color scheme, and typefaces are all modifiable. Use Venngage's BUILD YOUR team option if you're just

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