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Road Map Infographic Template

Road Map Infographic Template

Use this Road Map Infographic Template to design an informational infographic!

Produce an eye-catching roadmap infographic and more with this customizable Road Map Infographic Template. Personalize the infographic with icons, shapes, and a modern color palette for a unique look. Once you've added your own text, insert icons to successfully explain the content of your infographic. Search the Venngage gallery for icons that fit with your content and add them to the Road Map Infographic Template. Incorporate shapes to effectively point to headings and to frame the icons for a more sleek infographic design. From arrows to triangles, Venngage has you covered with a vast collection of shapes in various styles. Finish it off by adding a modern color palette to the Road Map Infographic Template. Modern colors will enhance the icons and make the infographic more intriguing. Make your own color scheme, or use one of the modern color palettes on Venngage and apply it with a mere click. Get started now!