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Sports Infographic

Sports Infographic

Easily edit this sports infographic template to capture fun sports statistics, share cool insights, and create a compelling infographic design.

A professionally-designed sports infographic allows you to present complex sports data in a way that’s engaging and exciting. Whether you want to present team statistics, trends for the season, player insights, or even financial data, an engaging sports infographic makes you look like an expert. Using this sports infographic template, you can create your own sports infographic without any design experience at all. Get started with this sports infographic template that you can customize in a few minutes using Venngage’s editor. Click on the create button to kick off your sports infographic design. You can customize the entire template with ease. In the Venngage editor, update the charts, apply a new color palette and use professional icons to create something a graphic designer would. Effortlessly visualize your data. You can add your own unique data to a variety of charts to transform this sports infographic template instantly. Choose anything from tables, to graphs, to pie charts, and everything in between. Venngage has you covered with an extensive collection of charts that you can use to present sports data effectively. Venngage Tip: With Venngage, you can import data from google sheets directly into new charts. Simply format your data so that the Y and X axis are clear and defined in your sheet. Then choose a chart and double-click it. Select the import button and upload your spreadsheet. It can be a xlsx or csv. format, both work. It’s that easy! Your chart will transform immediately. Then apply your own creative color palette. Choose your own background styles and tones, or automate color combinations using My Brand Kit. You can even set up your own branding in Venngage, and then apply it to any design you’re working with a click. This way your sports infographic design comes off as unique, recognizable and authoritative to your audience. Finally, don’t forget to add icons to complement your content. Venngage has tons of sports icons and others that you can choose from. You’ll also find a variety of icon styles, like flat icons, icon illustrations and gradient icon designs that give your sports infographic the design touch of a pro. Venngage Tip: Cut down on design time and approvals for your sports infographic by inviting your team members to comment and collaborate on your design. In Venngage, multiple team members can work on a single infographic at the same time. Make use of individual strengths and insights to get the most out of your content. Where can you use a sports infographic? Sports infographics can be used as part of a content marketing strategy to engage and grow your online audience. The sporting world is a very data-driven industry, and when you can communicate meaningful sports data first, you tend to stand out! Not only do you attract attention with a sports infographic, it’s a great way to build your brand and establish authority. Template dimensions: 816 x 2500 px. Each template can be resized to suit your needs with the click of a button. Meet any size requirement for your infographic design conveniently. Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, HTML (for email). With versatile download formats, you can create an infographic for a number of channels. You can also use an internal share link to share the design with colleagues without having to download anything.