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Local SEO Infographic

Local SEO Infographic

Make your own SEO infographic by easily personalizing this local SEO infographic template.

Local search engine optimization is a strategy implemented to improve a website’s visibility in local search results on Google. This means that any company, brand or business with a physical location can benefit from this type of SEO strategy. Customers often look for a variety of information on Google when it comes to searching your business online: business hours, local store address, closest store direction, return policy, products available at said location; and many other topics. Nonetheless, no matter what your local SEO strategy is, there are some important categories you should keep in mind when implementing and improving your SEO strategy. In this Local SEO Infographic Template we highlight some of them. For example, your strategy must include -and constantly update- keyword and audience research, content marketing, link building, web optimization, backend improvements and more! Use our Local SEO Infographic Template as a guideline to improve your SEO plan. Starting off with Venngage is super simple! Edit our Local SEO Infographic Template for free today with no design experience needed. The simple drag-and-drop Venngage editor is easy to use. You can swap

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