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Horizontal Infographic

Create an attractive, customizable infographic instantly using a Horizontal Infographic from Venngage. We’ve made it easy for you to create one.

A horizontal infographic is an image that displays information horizontally. This type of infographic is often used in presentations, reports, and websites to communicate data and other information. This infographic is useful because it allows you to display a lot of information at once in a way that's easy for users to scan through quickly. This makes them ideal for presenting large amounts of data in an accessible format. The most obvious benefit of using horizontal infographics is that they're much more readable than vertical ones. Because there are no lines separating sections of text or images, it's easier for users to process what they're seeing at a glance without having to read every word or look at every image individually. Anyone can use this type of infographic—from business owners who want to make their reports more accessible and engaging; executives who want to present their company's vision clearly; and entrepreneurs who want to share their business model with investors or potential partners. If you're looking for an easy way to create a horizontal infographic, look no further. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, we've got you covered. With the horizontal infographic from Venngage, there are no design skills or experience required. You can simply customize this infographic with your content, and voila! The perfect infographic is ready to go. Get started with this horizontal infographic template. In the editor, you can customize everything you see, from font styles to icon styles, color palette and the content itself. Add your title and descriptions to each section. The best part? You can customize this infographic to fit your brand. You can add text, images and icons to each section. It’s easy to edit the infographic in the editor, just click on the elements you want to change! Use Venngage's library of icons to add visual appeal and emphasize important points. You can play with a variety of styles, including gradient illustrations, detailed illustrations, bold icons and flat icons. Just make sure to keep your icon consistent throughout the design. But if you want your infographic to be effective and eye-catching, it needs to be visually appealing—and that includes the images you choose to use. The right image can make all the difference between a boring infographic and an amazing one. When possible, use high-resolution images to avoid blurring when you share the completed design. You can also enhance your image with a frame or border around it. With dozens of chart types available, you can get exactly the right visual representation for your data. And if you want to add data manually? No problem! Our platform also integrates with Google Sheets so you can upload your spreadsheet directly into a chart widget and automatically visualize your data without having to do any extra work. Collaborate and brainstorm together in real-time with your team using real-time collaboration, and mind map templates. Share the workload by leveraging each other's insights to get important work done faster than ever before. We have a variety of different file formats available for download, each with its benefits. Formats available are PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, HTML (for email). This template is perfect for creating a professional-looking infographic that can be used for many purposes. Signup and create one today!