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Minimalist Infographic Template

Minimalist Infographic Template

Design and personalized Minimalist infographic resume tips and tricks with Minimalist infographic template

A minimalist infographic is an infographic that does away with fancy and distracting design elements and focuses on providing important facts and figures or other types of information. Because minimalist infographics typically lack the frills and embellishments found in more complex designs, they can be created quickly, which makes them ideal for last-minute dash efforts. Infographic design is a complex process that includes precise data visualization and marketing. It takes a designer with a mixture of creativity, research skills, and technical knowledge to complete an effective infographic design. With Venngage's minimalist infographic template, you have the option to download a model that will fit your needs. With Venngage's minimalist infographic template, you can easily customize your data with Venngage's own online editor and produce a beautiful visualization of it. This guide is going to show you how to use Venngage's minimalist infographic template. To get started, just click create. You'll get to sign up for a free Venngage account that lets you access thousands of templates and edit them for free in the online editor - starting with this one! Choose categories and styles you like, and we'll even recommend a few templates based on your preferences. Once signed in, you'll see the option to get started with this template, or browse the entire library of templates you can access now. Totally up to you! If you just want to jump into designing, Venngage's minimalist infographic template is pre-populated with mock content so you can get a feel for how to create your own minimalist infographic design. Under the ""background"" section, enter an image URL that will act as your background image (you must have permission to use this image). To change the colors of Venngage's minimalist infographic template, go to ""styles"". Under ""text"", select the text you would like Venngage to show on your infographic. You can also customize the size, color and font in the corresponding boxes below. When you are finished, click on Venngage's ""create infographic"" button at the bottom of Venngage's minimalist infographic template. Lastly, Venngage will load your new minimalist infographic in a new tab or window. Here is an example minimalist infographic created with Venngage: Click on Venngage's ""download"" button to save Venngage's minimalist infographic template to your computer. Venngage Pro Tips: always use bright colors to draw attention and add contrast to the information presented. Limit Fonts & Typography because minimalist infographics focus on conveying information, typefaces take a backseat to the content and tend to be smaller and less varied than in other designs. Few Shapes because simplistic shapes can help give a design a sleek and modern appearance that will look good virtually anywhere – from social media profiles to business presentations. Template dimensions: 859x1943 px Customize the dimensions to any infographic template you're working on to suit the amount of content and visuals you want to add. You can go to settings and determine the pixels manually or just hit page resize to choose specific, preset sizes. Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, HTML (for email) A range of download format options means you can integrate Venngage designs into all areas of your organizations. PNGs are great standalone images, that are lightweight, perfect for blog posts and sharing over social. You can always incorporate your designs as PDFs in other documents or official training documents for your organization. HTML export lets you create responsive images with hyperlinks for emails - great for newsletters that really impress!