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Technology Infographic

Technology Infographic

Design a vibrant software timeline and more by customizing this Evolution of Enterprise Tech Software Timeline Infographic Template

Design an impressive infographic showcasing new technology and software with this technology infographic template. Customize the technology infographic template with a bright color scheme, icons, and an image so it pops off the page. With a professional technology infographic, you can break down the complexities of new solutions in ways that are simple and clear to your audience. Make a case for purchasing new tools for your organization, highlighting interesting tech trends, and guide decision making for major technology purchases. A well-designed technology infographic will help you demonstrate your expertise to those who are not tech-savvy. For your technology infographic design, start with a technology infographic template instead of starting from scratch. You don’t need any design experience to customize this technology infographic template to make it your own. A user-friendly online editor, and neat features make it easy and save you plenty of time. Begin by choosing a bright color scheme that will make your infographic more noticeable. There's plenty of gorgeous bright color schemes on Venngage, or you can integrate your own brand color palette for an elevated design. Set up My Brand Kit to add your brand colors, logos and fonts. Then apply your brand with a click to this infographic design with a click (and all future designs). Organize your infographic content into distinct sections by adding icons that represent each important point. Icons will maintain focus throughout the Technology Infographic Template and Venngage has a gallery full of thousands of quality icons you can use. Venngage Pro Tip: There are many different icon styles you can choose from. As a design best practice, stick to one icon style throughout your infographic. This will provide your infographic with a unified design and professional look. As you wrap up your technology infographic, revisit the header. This is where you can really capture your audience’s attention and get them reading through the entire infographic. To make your technology infographic stand out, using unique images that complement the design. In Venngage, access our stock photo library integrations for thousands of professional stock photos. Use keywords to search for what you need and then resize the images to make them work with your technology infographic. With that final touch, your technology infographic is ready to be shared! You can download the infographic in multiple formats. You can also use a share link to provide your team with access to view it. No downloading required. Template dimensions: 816 x 2800 px. Template dimensions can be customized to suit your needs with the click of a button or manually in the settings tab. Meet any size requirement for your infographic design conveniently. Remember to take mobile viewing experiences into consideration. Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, HTML (for email). With versatile download formats, your technology infographic can be distributed across multiple channels. Alternatively, you can use an internal share link to share the design with the organization. You can also select Share with Team to provide preview and edit access to any team members on your Venngage account.