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Charity Infographic

Charity Infographic

Design a charity infographic that really resonates using our charity infographic template to help spread awareness.

Get started with this charity infographic template to create your own, custom charity infographic design. After all, infographics are just as much about the information as they are the visuals. If you're looking for charity infographic templates that will grab people's attention and help spread awareness about an important issue or topic, then scroll down because we have what you need! If you don't have any design experience or if you simply want to create an infographic without going through the hassle of learning a new skill, then using a template is the perfect solution. These templates are easy to use and fully customizable for even the newest of designers! If you need a little inspiration before getting started with your own design, browse through our creative infographic template. Our editor makes it easy to customize your infographics without learning any new skills or dealing with complicated layers. It's important to have a bit of guidance before getting started so you know how to edit the text and color palette once the file is downloaded. As always, if you ever need any help along the way then feel free to reach out to our helpful support team! Venngage has thousands of professional illustrations, detailed icons, and simple icons, integrations with Pixabay and Unsplash that allow you to access stock photo libraries with high quality photos, and an easy-to-use editor that are all instantly available with a single click. There's no need for Photoshop or Illustrator if all you want is a simple and easy-to-customize template. Our charity infographic templates are fully customizable, ready to use by anyone, and can be downloaded within minutes. By using our charity infographic templates, you're giving your audience a chance to create an impactful and memorable design. Venngage's templates is a great way to promote your brand and spread awareness about the issue you're passionate about. For people who aren't as creative, our templates provide them an opportunity to contribute and also promote social change. So not only will this help you create better designs, it's also a great way to empower others through the power of design. Template dimensions: 816x2400 px It's super easy to create a new design that includes more pages or extends the size of the infographic. If you'd want to change the infographic's proportions, you may do it instantly using page resize or manually under the settings tab. Venngage is available for download formats we have PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, HTML (for email). Get started today by browsing our shop of professionally-designed infographics that are available for download in seconds! Use Venngage's instant access to stock images, detailed icons, and simple icons, along with our easy-to-use editor to customize your designs right from the start. Venngage is a great way to open up new opportunities for content creation and design, so what are you waiting for? We provides the tools to make your marketing campaigns and reports look professional and polished. Visit Venngage today for free and see how much it can help improve your brand's visual content.