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Data Breach 2022 Timeline Template

Data Breach 2022 Timeline Template

Create your own timeline by easily customizing this Data Breach 2022 timeline template from Venngage. Customize the graphics, fonts, styles, colors & more.

Cyber security has increasingly become a bigger and more impactful issue over the years. There are different types of cyber security incidents but data breaches and malwares are the principal cyber attacks of 2022, causing significant damage to companies and individuals by stealing, controlling or exposing personal, sensitive, or protected information. When an external and unauthorized actor threat enters a company's system, tries to manipulate important data from a project or a source code. The reason for hackers to take a big amount of user data is because they plan on using these stolen identities to commit fraud against financial institutions and other organizations, but they can also try to make a company take a specific action. Another common cybersecurity attack is a ransomware, a type of malware that threatens to publish a company's protected data or permanently block access to it unless a ransom is paid. The statistics of cyber attacks by data breach in 2022 are higher than in 2019. An increase of 18% and growth over time is expected – if the right cybersecurity measurements are not taken on time. The main reason is the increased popularity of cybercrime as a business model, along with organizations not adopting appropriate measures to protect their data. This data breach 2022 timeline template compiles information of the major known data breaches that have occurred so far in the month of September 2022. We’re seeing data breaches come out of companies that typically do not have a hacking vulnerability. The healthcare industry, the entertainment industry, the tech industry are some of the sectors affected by data breaches this year – nobody is exempt from suffering a cyber incident in their company’s system. In 2022, we will continue to see more high-level executives, who typically have extremely secure and private accounts, affected by data breaches. While this will initially be from targeted phishing emails with malicious links or attachments, eventually we could see sophisticated malware attacks that enter a network through various vectors such as USB drives and network shares. Data breaches have become a serious threat to every organization and its users, so protecting personal information is more important than ever. Data security is a hot topic right now, with news of hacks only getting more common. More and more businesses are looking for ways to keep hackers at bay, and it's never been easier for them to do so. Tech companies have made strides in securing data by providing innovative solutions that go beyond industry standards. This data breach 2022 timeline template shows the major known data breaches of 2022, representing a timeline for the reported cyber attacks so far in September. Some of the companies have not declared the impact of the attack. And other have only confirmed the number of data records or information that hackers have taken from them. Use this data breach 2022 timeline template to highlight important chronological information that's valuable for your team and vendors.