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Data Statistical Infographic Template

Dark Matter

Turn stats into a visual report by modifying this Data Statistical Infographic Template

Create a professional data infographic and more with this customizable Data Statistical Infographic Template. The infographic features charts, icons, and a modern color scheme that you can modify within minutes for a classy design. Start out by inserting charts into the Data Statistical Infographic Template that helps communicate the data clearly. Venngage has all sorts of charts and tables you can use, including, but not limited to bar charts, line charts, maps, and pie charts. Consider adding icons to the statistical infographic to keep your reader's attention and the data more readable. There's a gallery full of high-quality stock icons available on Venngage and you can adjust their size and select their color for a more prominent design. Complete your data infographic by choosing a modern color scheme that not only grabs attention, but also adds a professional look. You can either make your own modern color scheme, or you can apply one of Venngage's pre-generated color palettes to the statistical infographic. Get started personalizing your own data infographic today!