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PNW Heat Wave

PNW Heat Wave

To help us understand the devastation of the Pacific Northwest Heatwave, this PNW Heat Wave infographic presents a visual story.

Due to the PNW Heat Wave, marine animals are dying at unprecedented rates. Specifically, the animals that reside along the coastline, such as mussels, clams, sea stars, and dozens of other species. Christopher Harley, a marine biologist at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, estimates that over one billion animals perished in the extreme heat. This PNW Heat Wave infographic design helps us understand exactly how immense that loss of marine life is. The PNW Heat Wave infographic is also a customizable infographic template for non-designers to create their own data stories or viral infographics. With the aim of helping readers grasp the scale of the PNW heat Wave’s impact on marine life, a professional design uses vibrant colors and illustrations from Venngage’s icon library for a memorable design. Here’s how. Infographics are meant to tell a story, but first have to capture the audience’s attention in an instant. A memorable heading that uses creative fonts to stand out is key, followed by a detailed but brief introduction. This infographic’s heading emphasizes the keywords, so the topic jumps out at readers. ‘One Billion’ and ‘Dead’ stand out and those three words are enough to get anyone’s attention. Venngage Pro-Tip: You can make infographic headings stand out by applying unique colors to keywords, or even using different fonts or font sizes for those words. Get creative! Then what you’ll see throughout is the liberal use of well-designed icons relevant to the infographic’s topic. Starting at the very top, visualizing a marine life graveyard to convey the scale of the problem, the infographic then uses icons to support each section in creative, engaging ways. Venngage’s icon library has over 25K icons for you to choose from. You can use anything from line icons, flat icons, detailed icons like the ones in this infographic, or even complete illustrations. Simply search by keywords to find the right icons for you and arrange them throughout the infographic. Although it is a subtle touch, the arrangement of information in the infographic does not follow a static format. This is a good thing. A dynamic layout gives the reader a sense of change and progression. It helps to stimulate your reader’s attention when you provide new visual arrangements for each section. If you feel the need to extend this infographic as you design your own, keep that in mind. With a few changes of your own, this PNW Heat Wave infographic design can easily become a brand new, unique infographic design. Following the existing format to create something just as engaging and attractive. Template dimensions: 816 x 3550 px If your infographic needs to be extended or shortened, you can resize the template in the Venngage editor with ease. Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, HTML (for email). This PNW Heat Wave infographic is fully customizable and can be shared across multiple channels. Download your completed infographic design as a simple PNG or HD PNG for easy viewing; an Interactive PDF with hyperlinks to additional resources; and an HTML version to send over email.