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Addie Model Training Plan Example

Create your own ADDIE model by easily customizing this ADDIE model training plan example.

An ADDIE model is a method used by training developers to create different forms of learning strategies within the needs of an organization or company. Using Venngage’s ADDIE Model Training Plan Example will help educators and facilitators to have clarity on the implementation of their effective learning and development plan to help engage employees with their work in an optimal way. Besides, you don’t need any prior design experience to create your own ADDIE model. You can easily customize our ADDIE Model Training Plan Example by interacting with every element of the editor, from font styles, icons, graphics, color palettes and even the content itself! Using Venngage’s ADDIE Model Training Plan Example will help you have a general view of all the fields you can track, manage and improve when planning your next course. And it will also allow you to develop a set of goals that will help your team grow and do a better job. The best part is that this ADDIE Model Training Plan Example is totally customizable! You can edit everything from the text to the design, from the colors to the shapes and icons. And you can also add new images, photos, graphics and more! No design experience required! To start off today you can sign up and create a free membership to start exploring our simple design tool and our huge library of templates. Not only do we have ADDIE Model Training Plan Examples, but we also have reports, presentations, job aids, flowcharts, infographics and many more categories full of templates and examples to improve your compelling communications, and boost your creativity! When you find the template that you like, just click the “create” button and start customizing! Start by editing the content or text, and then change the colors and logo, add icons and graphics and all the elements you need to create an appealing visual. Besides, you can also share a link of your design to collaborate in real-time with your team members. Leverage their insights and get important work done faster when planning your next course. You can also download your creation in multiple formats, PNG or PDF if you need to, or even add them to documents or use them in slides for PowerPoint. A free membership gives you access to icons, fonts, color palettes, graphic elements, and even stock photos! It promotes real-time collaboration, and using your design is as simple as sharing a link or downloading it in multiple formats. Besides the free membership with limited designs, users can choose from a different amount of memberships and pricing: Premium, Business, or Enterprise. The Premium option costs $19 per month. Business is billed at $49 per user monthly. And Enterprise starts at $499 a month for 10+ seats. Got a question? We're here to help, even if it’s with your designs, with editing tips, or with pricing issues. Our support team is available around the clock, so your team can keep working like clockwork. Sign up for free today and create powerful designs that’ll make you look good!