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8 Character Archetypes of Stranger Things List Infographic Template

8 Character Archetypes of Stranger Things Infographic Template

Introduce your main characters to the world by customizing this 8 Character Archetypes of Stranger Things List Infographic template.

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Archetypes are symbols or models that help us understand complicated concepts or ideas. In literature, an archetype is a reoccurring symbol or motif representing universal human nature patterns. Archetypes can appear in any form of story or art and often represent aspects of our lives and psyches. Understanding archetypes, we can better comprehend the world around us and the hidden meanings behind popular stories and artworks. You can also use this to create your characters. An archetype infographic can help you brainstorm possible personalities for your story. However, remember that archetypes are not rigidly defined categories—they are flexible concepts you can interpret in many ways. Use your originality and play around with it. For example, let's use a few characters in the most popular series of today's generation—Stranger Things. Eleven, the show's main character, is known as the "Wise Child." She's tiny but mighty, and her precociousness and insight belie her years. Eleven can help others in their quest because she knows things they don't and profoundly understands the world around her. Mike Wheeler is the "Leader." He's the one who comes up with