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Christmas Facts Infographic Template

Christmas Facts Infographic Template

Showcase unique holiday facts and more by customizing this Christmas Facts Infographic Template!

Share your fun holiday facts with a great visual, using this Christmas Facts Infographic Template. Use colorful icons, different fonts and a unique color palette for a completely new look! Venngage has thousands of vibrant, eye-catching icons for you to use. Choose from line icons, flat icons or detailed illustrated icons to liven your design. You’re bound to find the icons perfect for you. We’ve also got hundreds of fonts that you can try out for a unique design. Try chunky, bold fonts, elegant fonts, handwritten font styles and more. Use My Brand Kit to choose from a number of pre-set color palettes, or try out out gradient backgrounds and backgrounds for something different. In just minutes, you’ll have created a fun infographic that’s sure to get a ton of attention, likes and shares. Be sure to check out Venngage for more list infographic templates, Christmas card templates, Christmas invitation templates, Christmas Party flyers and so much more!