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2022 Winter Olympics Infographic

2022 Winter Olympics Infographic

Customize and share this Winter Olympics Infographic Today!

The amount of planning that goes into an international sporting event like the Winter Olympics is nothing to sneeze at! The 2022 Winter Olympics, or rather XXIV Winter Olympic Games, are taking place in February 2022. This infographic is a customizable template that provides a detailed breakdown of how it was planned and organized. This template is ready for you to share with your audience, but you can customize it to reflect your brand, or change it up completely for something else you want to explore in-depth. Designed by our experienced in-house graphic designers, the template is made for non-designers to easily customize. Our online editor uses drag-and-drop features that help you make changes with ease. Click create to get started. You’ll need to first create a free account and then you’ll be taken to the editor. From here you can make all the changes you wish, and then choose to download it, or share it using a share link. This infographic template features beautiful illustrations, including illustrations of people that you can access from our expansive icon library. With over 20K icons to choose from, you’re bound to find the ones you need. Used together, the icons help you create a captivating scene. You can incorporate charts big and small into any design you’re working on. Chart widgets can be customized in plenty of ways. First, you can add your data from spreadsheet and the chart widgets will visualize the data for you. Convenient, right? Then make changes like line style, bar style, font style and others, if you have another aesthetic you’re going for. A long-form infographic is a great way to share a lot of information in a way that’s inviting and engaging. The layout helps you avoid large blocks of text, and encourages you to use visuals where ever possible. You can even add things like tables without it feeling out of place. Just apply the same set of colors to the table that occur throughout the infographic design. These are just some of the ways Venngage infographic templates can be modified. We have thousands of infographic templates that can be customized to share all sorts of information, including news, reports, statistics, and more. Get started with this infographic today, make a few changes and share it with your audience for a piece of quick, engaging content. The template dimensions can always be changed in the editor under settings. If you find you don’t need to share as much, or have significantly more content to include, you can change the infographic dimensions as needed. Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, HTML (great for email newsletters with hyperlinks), and more.