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Retro College Marketing Pamphlet Template

Retro College Marketing Pamphlet

Present programs, courses and services with a simple pamphlet, using this Retro College Marketing Pamphlet Template to get started!

Need a quick graphic for your promotional materials, website or social media? This customizable Retro College Marketing Pamphlet template is what you need. Start editing the template by changing the icons to reflect your business. Our in-editor icon library has thousands of modern designs (and custom illustrations). Select the ones you want and drag them onto the canvas. Brand the pamphlet by opening the My Brand Kit tab within the editor. You can apply your brand colors to the border and background colors with one click. Click “Shuffle” to explore different color combinations. Then, drag your logo from the My Brand Kit tab and replace the largest icon and apply your brand fonts. Now that you’re done, check out our other template! We’ve got tons of offerings to create social media templates and header templates, newsletters templates and much more.