photo exhibition flyer template

Art Exhibition Flyer

Design the perfect flyer for your exhibition using our wonderfully-designed exhibition flyer template.

For a flyer with an artistic flair, to post throughout the city and share on social media, Leaf has you covered. Keep things sophisticated yet simple with this art exhibition flyer template. You'll notice right away, the layout for this flyer is not typical. It's size is also reduced. This is ideal for sharing specific information. You don't need overload your audience with compelling sales language or calls-to-action. Instead, you can rely solely on the aesthetic appeal of your flyer to intrigue people. The template focuses on a photography exhibition, using an artistic shot of a fallen leaf as its focal point. What do you need for a successful flyer? A great photo, a clear header and the right fonts. Access our vast library of stock photos or upload your own high-quality image to use as a background. For your header, use a large-sized font that's very clear and easy to read. This template uses size 50 Raleway to make an eye-catching header. For your body text, use a more subtle but equally easy-to-read font. The template uses Playfair Display as body text, italicized for a touch of elegance. Your background image should be high-resolution, high-quality and tasteful. As for fonts, it's never a good idea to use more than 2 different fonts within the same flyer. Typically, only the header font and body font should differ from one another. Use the art exhibition flyer template as a guide, and you'll create an equally (or more) intriguing flyer. How do you like our templates? Tell us what we can do to make your design experience better! We love to hear from our loyal subscribers.