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Informational Brochure Template

Informational Brochure Template

Design an informational brochure template today. With these custom-friendly brochure templates from Venngage, creating brochures is fun and easy.

An informational brochure template is a document that contains all the information that you need to create a brochure. It saves you time and effort because you don't have to spend hours writing or designing your own brochure. Instead, you can simply fill out the template with your own information and create a professional-looking brochure in minutes. This informational brochure template is divided into two distinct sections. You are given the opportunity to highlight your brochure by using a header on the cover page that draws the attention of your audience. You are free to choose a font that you prefer to use for the header title and replace it. However, we strongly advise that you limit your use of typefaces to no more than one or two throughout the entire brochure. This will help to maintain the professional appearance of your brochure while also reducing the appearance of clutter. To get used to this informational brochure template, all you have to do is take the design that is provided by Venngage and modify it to suit your needs and preferences. This

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