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Blue Consultant Bi Fold Brochure

Produce a professional consultant brochure and more by modifying this Blue Consultant Bi Fold Brochure Template

Make a vibrant consulting brochure and more with this editable Blue Consultant Bi Fold Brochure Template. You'll have an amazing brochure in no time by incorporating eye-catching images, applying a bright color scheme, and utilizing a traditional font. When it comes to grabbing attention, add images that explain the content. There are thousands of images to choose from that will make your brochure more effective. Make sure that your brochure stands out by using a bright color scheme. Venngage has hundreds of bright color palettes available or you can customize one the way you want. For a professional design, choose a traditional font for the headings. There is a wide variety of fonts you can pick from that are easy to read and will look great in your Blue Consultant Bi Fold Brochure Template. Try using a minimal or modern font for the body content so that it's easy to read. Look for more customizable brochure templates on Venngage!