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Graphic Design Tips for Beginners Blog Header

Graphic Design Tips for Beginners Blog Header

Create your own blog header by easily customizing this Graphic Design Tips blog header template!

An engaging blog header/blog banner can work wonders to capture your audience’s attention — besides explaining the main topic you’re covering in your blog post. It’s so much better than just using a generic blog banner for your article! Anyone can create a blog’s featured image using this blog banner template. You don’t need to be a designer, have design experience, or download any design tools to customize this template. Just click “Create” to get started with this simple graphic design tips blog header template. In the Venngage editor, you can customize anything — from font faces, font colors, icon styles, color palettes and the content itself. First, add your blog title. If your title has a number, you can make it stand out by enlarging the number and putting it beside the rest of the title — like how it’s done in this graphic design tips blog banner. Depending on how long your title is, you can stick with the default font style or change it up. If you have brand fonts you want to use, great! If not, make sure

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