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Worlds Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands Informational Infographic

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Infographic Description

Do you need to compare products or list the top 10 watch brands? This fashion infographic from Venngage features several design techniques that are easy to master. When you create a watch brands infographic you’ll want to use real photos and pictures of the products. Each image featured in this list infographic is zoomed in so readers can see the finite details.


They are laid out into two columns staggered down the page. This is a great way to showcase products! You can bring attention to the items by integrating bold headings and titles and body text that’s in a modern font. Not only is it easy to read but its classic which matches the theme. The designer included a vivid color palette to give it a sophisticated look.


There’s a pattern that continues throughout the whole top 10 watch brands infographic. The headings and titles are in a black text box while the background is in red. Keeping the colors simple and limited lets readers focus on the images and key points.


At the bottom of the fashion infographic, you can add any sources, links to social media, and of course your company logo to finish it off!

Infographic Features

  • Two Columns
  • Bold Headings
  • Realistic Images
  • Modern Font
  • Vivid Color Palette
  • Fashion Infographic Examples
  • Comparison Infographic Examples
  • Business Infographic Examples

Gie & Take UK

Color Palette



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Gie & Take UK

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