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White Instagram Photo Collage Marketing Flyer Idea

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Flyer Description

Whether you’re promoting your business or university, this creative flyer example from Ologie is full of ideas! Customize your own marketing flyer ideas with the techniques used in this template.


For this advertising flyer, the designer chose to use real-life photos to evoke emotion about the college. The photos encourage the reader to attend the University and enjoy special moments and milestones.


It features the poster of images within another image in which a person is holding up the poster which adds dimension. You can either compile the photos into a collage or columns for a unique layout.


This social media flyer idea also includes a call to action at the bottom to draw people to the website. Use the same method to get more visitors to your website which can mean potential customers or in this case, students!


Another great feature on this sales flyer design is that the author made sure to use a subtle color palette. This was so the colors didn’t take away from the impact of the photos. Try using a minimal color scheme if it fits your marketing flyer ideas!

Flyer Features



Color Palette



710 × 863 px



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