Colorful Moroccan Minimalist Travel Trifold Brochure Idea - Venngage Brochure Examples
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Colorful Moroccan Minimalist Travel Trifold Brochure Idea

Brochure Description

Are you searching for brochure ideas for your travel company? Look no further because this marketing brochure example has you covered! Created by Venngage, this template features design elements that you can easily use for any brochure idea.


The first technique that’s eye-catching is the use of real-life photos. Whether it’s pictures of the country or photos of food and culture, you can’t go wrong with this visual element. Pair your photos with a modern font that’s readable and bold headings to focus the attention on specific details.


For more brochure design inspiration, take a look at the way the designer used different colors to organize information. By using three various colors, the brochure is broken into categories to help direct the reader to each section.


The travel brochure example also uses a bright color scheme from the photos to the text for an interesting design. Make more brochures when you integrate these tips into any business brochure example!

Brochure Features

Color Palette



960 x 1570 px



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