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Photo Heavy Minimalist Black Product Flyer Idea

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Flyer Description

Are you searching for product flyer ideas? If you’re in the food or nutrition industry then you’ll love this restaurant flyer from Quality Canadian Milk.


They made a creative flyer example by adding realistic photos and combined them with illustrations. The photos are vibrant which makes this minimalist flyer stand out. Try using a variety of pictures with digital images to create the perfect layout.


If you’re adding bright images, stick to a subtle color palette for the rest of the flyer. The author of this template went with a chalkboard flyer background and text in white so it didn’t clash with the photos. A minimal color scheme helps make the food images pop off the page to catch the reader’s eye.


The final element to this template is the handwritten font. It switches between cursive to capitalized words which gives it a varied style that works for the theme. Use multiple styles of a font to find the right design for your product flyer ideas!

Flyer Features


Quality Canadian Milk

Color Palette



564 × 812 px


Quality Canadian Milk

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