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United Way Orange Non Profit Brochure Idea

Brochure Description

Change the way you approach business brochure ideas by customizing your own brochure template! This non-profit brochure features a flat design but also utilizes photography for a personal touch.


The main design element is the use of the same bold font throughout the whole brochure. Designer Mike Weinhandl emphasized text with one bold font that’s capitalized. This helps keep the reader’s focus on details that matter!


You can also integrate a color scheme to match your brand like the one in this non-profit brochure example. With the use of a few colors, you can maintain flow and avoid bogging it down with busy colors. Additionally, the photographic images are great to use in creative brochure ideas.


The designer inserted real life photos of people from their organization to connect with the reader. It’s no secret that photos are more likely to capture people’s gaze. Use them where they fit but don’t overload the brochure with too many pictures or icons.


This non-profit brochure asks for donation gifts by using an arrow icon to point to the amounts donors can send. The designer also made sure to add info about what the donation actually funds. It’s perfect for gaining brochure design inspiration! Design business brochure ideas that will captivate and make people want to take action!

Brochure Features

  • Bold Font
  • Bold Colors
  • Flat Design
  • Photos
  • Non-Profit Brochure Examples
  • Business Brochure Examples
  • Creative Brochure Examples
  • Tri-Fold Brochure Examples
Color Palette



800 x 600 pixels


Mike Weinhandl

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