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Wunderpass Branding Brochure Booklet Idea

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Brochure Description

Take your business brochure ideas to the next level with this customizable marketing brochure example. This template incorporates lots of information by displaying it in a unique way. Start by deciding on a color scheme, whether it matches your brand or one that’s aesthetically pleasing.


You can see what designer ∆ Studio did by choosing 4-5 main colors that are very vibrant. These colors aren’t all on one page and are spread out to focus your attention on specific topics. The color scheme and bold font combined make great creative brochure ideas!


The use of icons in this business brochure example improves the flat design and layout. From the cover page to the end, the designer used a star icon which makes sense because it ties into the logo.


They also utilized it to make an infographic to explain what the company is all about. Other simple icons highlight vital data and statistics. You can also take advantage of adding a global map to impact readers as featured in this brochure design.


Another stunning element is the addition of photos. The designer used photography to break up the bold color pages and to showcase types of clients the business works with. You can use this business brochure idea as a starting point to draw inspiration from.


Whether you want to add photos as a background or a focal point, it’s bound to catch people’s eye. Make your own business magazine or brochure with this intricate business brochure example!

Brochure Features

  • Bold Colors
  • Bold Font
  • Simple Icons
  • Infographic Examples
  • Brochure Map
  • Photos Examples
  • Creative Brochure Examples
  • Business Brochure Examples
Color Palette



600 x 415 px


∆ Studio

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