Classic Cine Cabaret Movie Poster Example - Venngage Poster Examples
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Classic Cine Cabaret Movie Poster Example

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Poster Descriptions

Need to advertise a film festival or movie release but don’t know where to start? Design a creative poster with ideas from this event poster example. With the combination of realistic photos and geometric shapes, you can make a modern poster within minutes.


For this poster, the designer added photos within shapes and used semi-transparent color overlays to give it layers. You’ll also notice more basic shapes throughout the poster that give it simplicity.


Use a modern font that ties in with the theme and bold headings so the event info pops off the page. Try a minimalistic approach when it comes to the colors and use a subtle color palette that compliments the poster example!

Poster Features

Color Palette

#EDE8E4 88D4A5 221E1F


600 x 851 px


Cine Cabaret