Cabaret Frappé Retro Event Poster Example - Venngage Poster Examples
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Cabaret Frappé Retro Event Poster Example

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Poster Descriptions

For a modern poster design look no further than this event poster example! You can easily incorporate the design techniques to make your own creative posters in no time.  


This designer of this minimalist poster added a bold color palette to quickly captivate readers. People are naturally drawn to vibrant colors so test out using a bold color palette in your event posters.


You can also utilize a graphic image that’s fun and relates to the event in order to grab attention. The modern poster example also uses bold headings so that the title and event details stand out. Finish it off with a modern font that’s easy to read and your poster example will be complete!

Poster Features


Cabaret Frappé

Color Palette



300 × 425px


Cabaret Frappé