Bold Yellow Pineapple Advertising Flyer Idea
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Bold Yellow Pineapple Advertising Flyer Idea

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Flyer Description

Appeal to new customers when you customize your advertising flyer ideas with this product flyer example! RITAS the author used a simple layout and design techniques that stand out. You can accomplish the same style in a few short steps.


Use realistic photos of products into the text to make a creative flyer. This unique style uses a pineapple to represent a letter within the text. The designer also added a product photo at the end of their subheading to represent their company name.


With the use of modern font, bold text, and a large heading, this design is sure to catch everyone’s eyes. This advertising flyer features the word love to evoke emotion in readers and sends the message that that’s how they’ll feel about the product.


This sales flyer design uses minimal text that’s bold and in a modern font to quickly captivate the reader and prompt them to buy their product. It utilizes a dramatic color scheme that gives it a warm and tropical look that goes with the theme of their item. When creating advertising flyer ideas, make sure to match the color palette to the product for consistent branding.

Flyer Features

Color Palette



564 × 846 px



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