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Beautiful Hand Illustrated Yellow Event Flyer Idea

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Flyer Description

Invite guests to a special occasion by customizing fun eye-catching event flyer ideas! Designer Alexandra Turban had the right idea when she created this marketing flyer example. The template is perfect for advertising an anniversary or even an art exhibit.


It features fun hand-drawn illustrations and font for a personalized touch. Make your event flyers stand out from the rest by using the methods in this minimalist flyer. Add hand-drawn illustrations and fun calligraphy font if you want to grab the reader’s attention.


This technique also adds a playful design to the marketing flyer idea. A design choice like this works well for business and public events such as a fair or holiday party, making it a great business flyer.


Additionally, the illustrations and hand drawn font are combined with a vivid color palette. Use bright colors to make your sales flyer design pop! Always make sure to choose fonts, illustrations, and colors that fit your event flyer ideas!

Flyer Features

Color Palette



447 × 620 px


Alexandra Turban

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