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Interior Design Proposal Template

Modern Interior Design Proposal Template

Create a well-written proposal to gain new clients or to get your boss's sign-off on your latest project using this interior design proposal template.

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An interior design proposal is a document that outlines the proposed plan for a space, including the materials, furnishings, and finishes to be used. It is typically created by an interior designer or architect collaborating with the client. The proposal should consider the project's goals and budget, as well as the client's preferences. Once the proposition has been given the go-signal, the designer will commence work. The most important part of an interior design proposal is the budget. It will determine how much money the client has to spend on the project and what type of materials can be used. The budget should also include a contingency fund in case of unforeseen circumstances. Other vital elements of the proposal include the timeline, scope of work, and deliverables. The timeline should outline when the project will finish and how long each phase will take. The work scope should describe the tasks the designer will complete during each step. The deliverables should list the products or services the client will receive upon project completion. An interior design proposal is a crucial part of any