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Infographic Link Building

Infographic Link Building

Personalize your own ink building infographic by easily editing this infographic link building template.

In SEO, link building is an important process that increases the amount -and also the quality- of inbound links to a website in order to improve search engine rankings. It has two main categories: backlinks and internal linking. Backlinks are links from your webpage that go to someone else’s page. Links act like the currency of the web, and they serve as the real-life reputation of your business or brand. And internal links are links from different landing pages of your own that redirect your audience to those sites while navigating your own page, for example, while reading a blog. These links help you build your sitemap correctly. We show a little bit of this in our Infographic Link Building Template, but let's dig a little deeper on backlinks for SEO -or external links if you wish-. Do they work like votes? "Nofollow" links tell search engines to avoid following the link, so it allows you to link to a valuable resource while removing your "vote" for the purpose of search engines. Something to keep in mind: links are earned or editorially placed. Links

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